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Any client information and other nonpublic information acquired, created or used in good faith by the Committee and the Arkansas Medical Foundation Board shall remain confidential and shall not be subject to discovery or subpoena in a civil case. No person participating in good faith in the operations of the Committee or Board shall be required in a civil suit to disclose any information or opinions, recommendations, or evaluations acquired or developed solely in the course of participating in the Committee's or Board's activities. The only spokesperson for the Foundation is the Medical Director.

All information acquired, held, and transmitted in any fashion to any source by the Foundation and Committee will be held in compliance with federal and state regulations.


The Arkansas Medical Foundation (AMF) maintains a phone line for family members, patients, and co-workers to report, confidentially, their concerns about a physician.


The AMF medical director will attempt to verify the reported behavior. If the behavior is not verified, the process is halted or the information is held for further inquiry.


If the need for help is substantiated, the physician is asked to make an appointment for an interview with AMF personnel. In exchange for support, the physician is invited to follow the recommendations of the AMF in seeking specified evaluation/treatment at his or her own expense.


All treatment is carried out in approved hospitals and treatment facilities that specialize in the treatment of distressed healthcare professionals. Physicians affected by other emotional or behavioral conditions are treated with an initial evaluation and subsequently prescribed inpatient and/or intensive outpatient therapy.


Re-Entry into practice usually occurs within one or two weeks following treatment. During this period, the AMF is often the physician’s strongest – and sometimes only – ally. The AMF medical director and staff work in concert with the treatment center’s recommendations to establish contractual ground rules for re-entry into practice.


Aftercare is usually a five-year process. It is guided by an individualized contract, comprised of recommendations of the treatment facility. The AMF offers guidance and accountability in the recommended aspects of each participant’s recovery.

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